Freeze Dried Mango

Have it as a guilt free healthy, Crunchy snack Blend with Milk to enjoy Aamras, smoothies or milk shakes. Add it into your breakfast cereals, Yogurts Sprinkle it on your favourite icecreams or deserts as exotic toppings Perfect to use it in bakery receipes
Here is the King of the fruits which is so Luscious and Sweet. Test of this tropical Fruit is divine bliss. Unlike other Mango products available in market, our Freeze Dried Alphonso Mangos are uncooked with nothing added, giving you the same taste and flavour as Fresh summer mangoes. You can proudly grab this guilt free, Crunchy, Healthy snack option and let your kids enjoy the helth benefits of this tropical fruit without worrying. You dont need to wait to enjoy this Kingo of Fruit till summer as we packed all the goodness so that you can enjoy it round the year. Mangoes are packed with vitamins like A, C, and K. While, good levels of vitamin K are beneficial for our bone health and vitamin A promotes good eye health. There are various health benefits of Mangoes Improves Digestion Maintains Eye Health Boosts Immunity Anti-Ageing Properties, improves skin and hair health Ease constipation Protects against cancer