Freeze Dried Green Jalapeno

How many times have you bought fresh jalapenos only to throw them away because they got old? With jalapenos, a little goes a long way, so they’ll often become wrinkled in your crisper drawer before you have the chance to use them. With dehydrated jalapeno peppers, you’ll no longer have to worry about using them up quickly! Just store a jar of dried jalapenos in your pantry and they will taste as good as fresh for years. And who wouldn’t want to be saved from having to dice a fresh jalapeno? We do all the work for you, so you can enjoy your culinary experience.

Use dehydrated Jalapeno Peppers to add a South American flair to any dish! Our dehydrated Jalapeno Peppers have a “zing” to them, but they are not overpowering. Add a tablespoon to chili, mexican corn chowder, or any dish to give it the spice of life. One pound of our dried jalapeno chips equal seven pounds of fresh–AND because they are  Freeze dried, you can have them ready for use at any time!