Welcome to the wonderful world of Freeze Dried Products. We select our fresh vegetables, Fruits, Herbs at their nutritional peak, and then use a special Freeze Drying Process to gently evaporate the water and preserve the nutrients. In fact our premium freeze-dried products have more nutrients than their canned counterparts. And dehydrated vegetables, Fruits, Herbs, are light enough for backpacking and camping.

Freeze Drying – The Process

The products are frozen at very low temperatures to allow freezing of the product Then moisture in the product is removed by process of sublimation using vacuum below triple point. On attaining such pressure, the ice/ moisture trapped inside the product gets converted into Vapour and drawn out of product. Thus leaving behind only the dry product devoid of moisture. Such products are rich in nutrients and quality compared to other drying methods.

At Rishaan Agro Impex, we closely monitor the entire process to ensure quality at every stage. Highest levels of hygiene are maintained at our plant ensuring contamination and bacteria free production.


Post Freeze Drying, process like Sieving, Gravity separation, Sorting and Metal detection are carried out to ensure that the final product is free from any contamination and fully meets customer requirement.



All the products are packed in multilayer foil using Aluminium barrier pouches which has 100% barrier to the atmosphere to ensure quality products for longer period of time. Besides we use Oxygen Absorbers to avoid oxidation ensuring longer shelf life.